Satva Organics

A Composting Solution to Stubble burning

'Eliminate the very concept of waste, not reduce, minimize, or avoid waste, but eliminate the very concept, by design.'

- Designer Sophie Thomas


To lead the way in building a sustainable and environmentally conscious future by eradicating stubble burning and fostering thriving, interconnected communities of composting units and farmers. Our vision is a world where every stubble is transformed into valuable stubble compost, and where farming communities embrace sustainable practices to enhance both their livelihoods and the health of our planet.


Our mission is to create a lasting positive impact on the environment and farming communities. We achieve this by championing the circular economy principles and facilitating the conversion of agricultural stubble into high-quality stubble compost. Through collaboration and education, we empower farmers to adopt sustainable practices, reducing the need for stubble burning and conserving valuable resources.  

Making a Difference


Creating Stubble compost

We are manafacturing super-rich organic compost where 20% of our raw material is farm stubble from Punjab & Haryana Region. 

Spread awareness through Social Media

We have an active social media page where the centre focus is on spreading awareness.

Active community Engagement

We conduct sessions on composting both online and offline in apartments, schools, colleges to spread awareness about composting.

The Problem

Stubble burning is a process of setting on fire the straw stubble, left after the harvesting of grains, like paddy, wheat, etc. 

Stubble burning has created a massive public health crisis - its fumes pollute swathes of northern India and endanger the health of hundreds of millions of people. This practice has an adverse impact on air quality, agricultural productivity, human health, environment, and the economy.


AQI Levels in Delhi

21 Mn Ton

Greenhouse Gases Released

$30 Bn

Cost to Economy

10 x

Increase in Fine Particulate Matter

135, 000

Farm fires in Punjab 

5 states

Contribute to 44% of Delhi's Air Pollution

Sustainable Development Goals