Our Story

Satva Organics was born out of a passion for sustainability and a desire to make a positive impact on the environment and local communities. It all started with two friends who wanted to start something of their own. Then one day while rummaging through ideas, they realised the problem they had been looking for everywhere was right in front of them - 'Stubble burning'. 

One of them is from a family of farmers who had seen firsthand the negative effects of stubble burning in her village in Punjab. The other was an avid reader and follower of climate change news. Together, they began to experiment with using agricultural stubble as a composting material, and soon realized that they had found an approach to employ the well known solution of stubble to compost that could benefit both farmers and the environment. They also started to share their success with other farmers and communities, spreading the word about the benefits of composting and sustainable farming practices.